Youth Ministry


At Hope, a central part of our mission is to help families grow in faith.  We do this through faith formation programs.  But more importantly we believe that relationships and community are at the center of this.  There are few places in our busy world today where we can find authentic and engaging places for community.  Here at Hope, we want you to find that space.  In God's presence we are more than simply individual people, we are a part of God's family.  And our family at Hope is committed to helping your family grow!  

Scholarship Application Details:

Sunday School


At Hope we use the Spark Bible curriculum.  Each class is tailored to the specific needs and developmental stage of your child.  It is our goal to connect our Sunday School to worship.  It is not simply a class your child attends, but rather an integrative step in their faith formation.

$20.00/child or $50.00 family cap

Fusion Confirmation 6th-8th gr.


Hope's Confirmation program is for youth in grades 6 through 8. 

Confirmation is a ‘re-affirmation’ of the vows that were made at our Baptism.  Our approach helps teenagers discover that learning about God can be fun! Our program combines exploring our current lives with understanding the meaning of Biblical truths.  It is an energetic program that involves music, games and small groups. During this fast-paced, three-year program our youth will study the Old and New Testaments of the Bible as well as Luther’s catechism and the meaning of faith in their individual lives.  


$20.00/child or $50.00 family cap

Confirmation Kids.JPG
Junior High Youth Group

ICE = In Christ Eternal

ICE is open to all middle school youth 6-8th grade regardless of church affiliation.

ICE meets on Wednesday nights in Hope Church’s Youth Room

Gatherings offer middle school youth a safe, Christian environment to explore spiritual issues, questions of faith and how to be a Christian in today’s divided world. 

ICE is also a place to socialize and have fun with other middle school youth.  The Hope Youth Room has foosball, a carpet ball table, a Ga-Ga pit and more!

FIRE youth.JPG
Senior High Youth Group

FIRE = Faith In Real Experiences

Open to all youth in grades 9 through 12

Area teens are welcome to participate in FIRE regardless of church affiliation.

FIRE meets Sunday afternoons and selected Wednesday evenings. 

FIRE offers a safe, Christian environment where teens can explore their faith, current issues, service to others as well as their place in today’s world.  

In-house programing consists of real life topics like self- esteem, suicide, teen sex, relationships, cyber dangers, dealing with disappointment and being angry with God. 

Out-of- house activities include movies, bowling, roller blading, curling, ice skating, sledding/snowboarding and cookouts.